Microcontroller Based Information Display panel


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Dear Sir,
I am a student at The University Of The South Pacific and working
on a project.I would like some information and assistance if possible to
the project which is "A Microcontroller Based Information Display panel".
I am interested in some topics or projects related to it.Specifications to
the Project is both hardware fabrication of the display panel and software
program(C++ builder) to interface the PC (key board input) to the ouput
Microcontroller panel with a PCB designed circuit .
I would appreciate recieving adequate information related to the
specification I have defined.
Thank you for your time in reading this messege.

email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Nebiyou Tsegaye

I am sorry this is not a reply. I am facing the same kind of challenge. Would you please send me supportive replies you get?
my email address is [email protected]
My name is Nebiyou Tsegaye. My problem is driving a display board from parallel port. The display board must be in graphics mode. Thank you.