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My new has installed a new 1200, we have the RS500 software but it doesn't seem to mention the 1200s processor, can I use the 1100 or 1500 to program it?
Also, it's been a while since I've programmed a PLC, especialy an Allen Bradley, is there a standard rung for effectively monitoring a conveyor underspeed? Is there some where that I get some sample programs for common industry programming?
I would appreciate the advice to get back into it again.
Thanks for that, I think ours is 3 . something. Can I download an updated version or do I need to need to get in touch with AB here in Tasmania to get a new copy?
Thanks Sid, we'll have to look at getting the update. I'm still after some logic samples though, any ideas?
When you get an updated version of RSLogix 500 it should have some sample program files that you can (optionally) install on your pc. Depending on your environment, maybe you could use a simple prox to input pulses to calculate belt speed/under-speed