Micrologix 1500 and Panel View 600


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Walter Villafuerte

I have a dh 485 network that includes 1 micrologix processor, 1 Panel view and 2 AIC's. I have the processor in one enclosure and the PV in other one and there is an AIC in each enclosure. The AIC's have leds that indicates if there is communication but they are turning off and on so fast even when i'm not sending data to the PV. Is that normal or i'm doing something wrong ??? Thank you very much for your help.

Larry Lawver


No problem there, that's normal operation. The DH485 network passes the token around even if no node wants to talk, so the comm LEDs flash many
times per second. If the network gets broken, those indicators will flash very slowly, as the local node tries to reestablish the network.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida