MicroLogix 1500 to PanelView C1000


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Need assistance with sample code to connect a MLogix 1500 to a PV C1000 via a 1761-NET-ENI. How does the PV I/O get read/written to the PLC image table. Use integer or binary bit files?? Thanks for your help in advanced.
The PanelView C1000 is tag based, the tags are defined using PanelBuilder 32 software. Right click on a screen object, and select object properties, and edit the tag as desired to match the ML1500 destination address properties. Binary or several types of integer can be defined there, as required.

Communication is set up thru Application settings/Communications set-up - define the link with the IP settings of the NET-ENI. The NET-ENI can be set up with the ENI/ENIW utility from A-B/Rockwell (free download last I checked). Needless to say, make sure the serial settings in the PLC port / ENI match, too.

Hope this helps, reply w/contact info if you need more specific assistance.