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I have built a servosystem that controls the motor and allowing feedback control on 24V 1A motors. The one motor drives an antenna vertical and I have to use a microswitch to stop the
movement at the point where it hits the vertical axis that the antenna is placed. The problem is that i want the microswitch to stop the movement but still be able using the servosystem to
reverse the movement. I just cannot think of a connection of the microswitch with the servo.

The servo is an Op -amp going to a power amp (LM165). The one end of the motor is connected to the ground.
The solution is realy quite simple. You need two inputs to your servo; one to drive the motor in fwd direction and one which drives the motor
in reverse. It can be as simple as tow relays which reverse the motor windings end for end. The limit switch simple goes in series with the
forward input. Then when the switch opens, fwd direction is inhibited, but reverse direction can still be selected. If this is not clear enough, e me direct & i'll send you a circuit.
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Hi ... I read your message about microswitch. I need work with a microswitch to reference the initial position of 5 motors in a robot arm, but I don't have idea about the function of this device. Could you send me the circuit where you are using, please?

Is very important for me understand the functionality if this device.


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