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Hi All,

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I hope somebody can help me.

I need to migrate a HMI System from Coros LSB to WinCC (Siemens), so I need to import the Process Variable List from COROS, but I cannot read the S5L files in COROS. When I try to read them in COMED editor, appears the following message:
"Invalid Format of the file that is to be opened.
Either the file has not been created with this editor or a created file has been renamed".

I am using the COROS LS-B_WIN V2.11

What can I do to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.

It seems this List was created with an older Coros Version, can that be? If you want, you can send it to me, I can try to open with my Coros Version.


Sorry, I'm not helping you out, but I'm also interested to migrate Coros LSB to any HMI. So, where should I start?

Please show me some guidlines. Thanks.

Kulzinger Juergen Germany

Please send me the Project or only the s5l file.
I will send a readable file back. If you send the project by Email, each part should not bigger than 4MBytes (Zip in parts).

Juergen Kulzinger
juergen. kulzinger @ siemens. com
Hello; The following FAQ from Siemens shows the steps for migrating a Coros LSB project to WinCC, through the WinCC Dynamic Wizards.

Unless someone has more information about this and can correct me, I believe there is no automatic migration path from Coros to another manufacturer. You would have to develop your own application in Wonderware, Iconics, Citect...based on your knowledge of the process and the original installation.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier
Hi Juergen,

I sent you the the s5l files (3) by e-mail, did you receive them? Thanks for your attention.

E-mail: artemio_iicisa @ prodigy. net. mx