Migration from EC80 or IC2X SCADA Systems


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David Edwards

Does anyone have any experience or useful tools that would help me in migrating obsolete AFE EC80 and IC2X SCADA systems onto Intellution FIX?

At my company we have a number of near-obolete AFE EC80 and IC2X systems that we wish to replace with the Intellution FIX SCADA system. We want to retain as much of the functionality provided by the EC80 and IC2X systems as possible. I would therefore appreciate any information on migration paths and whether there are any useful tools that could be used to convert the database (and mimics/trends?) into a form suitable for importing into FIX.

Many thanks.
Hi, guy,
We developped a conversion tool from AFE IC2X/IC2000 systems into GENESIS32 SCADA package from ICONICS.
If you want to switch to another powerfull SCADA package, send me an E.Mail, I will give you more information.
Jean Luc
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Marcel van Helten

GE Fanuc acquired AFE Technologies about 4 years ago. We developed conversion tools and functionality to convert AFE EC8X and IC2X towards CIMPLICITY Plant Edition.

Including the support of specific keypads like the IPK-15. Also functionality like operator trend and alarm log and even the DGR (PE V6.0) is available.

A large amount of the customer base already switched succesfully to CIMPLICITY. If you like to more about CIMPLICITY please look at www. CIMPLICITY.com or send me an e-mail.
I have contacted GE Fanuc for such a tool, but they say there are not such tools. Can you tell me where I can find these tools? I want to convert a IC2000 application to CIMPLICITY
I have heard that most of the former AFE team is still together and are developing a replacement card for retrofit of old IC2X cards - and they may
have info on migration to other SCADA systems. If your interested, try shooting an email to [email protected] and he might be able to provide more info
Can you tell me, where i can get more informations about this conversion tool (IC2000 to Cimplicity)

Best Regards