Mill level measurement by Noise level transmitter


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We have Ball tube mills supplied by BHEL /Stein Industries. To The the apperent level of the Coal Powdered in side the noise generated by the balls and coal powder dashing is taken as a reference of mill level. The more the coal inside the less the noise.With out any call becauseof the direct dasing the noise is taken as full ,100%.Now weare using audio signal convertor PC 503A which generate 4-20ma proportional to the noise generated in the tube mill.The different blocks used are microphone-Audio pre amplifier-Numerical filters-Filter clock-Amplifier adapter-rectification +filteration-lineration-output pre amplifier -amplifier convertor-output 4 to 20 ma
The out put from the Microphone varies from 0 to 30 mili volts.
I want to know whether software version of the above modules are available so that it will replace the hard ware version and also auto calibration of the same can be done at different conditions of the balls available inside the mill, which can be programmed.
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