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Andre Pablo G. Fausto

Hi everyone,
Looking for a mimic panel that can be driven by a protocol such as modbus, etc.

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Jay S. David

The cheapest solution you can avail of is have the mimic done locally. There are a variety of shops in Malabon that manufacture high quality mimics (even better than what is available in Europe and the States).

Your next move would be to do purchase the LED's for your mimic, have it wired and then connected to your PLC. Two Options: 1.) You can get a small sized remote I/O module - e.g. similar to AB Flex-I/O or Siemens S7-200, etc. 2.) You can wire your I/O modules direct to the mimic panel.

Hope this helps.


Danny Callahan

I make simulation panels (16 point I/O panels) for Shell. I have both analog and digital simulator panels. The digital panels do have LEDs on them. You can email me at [email protected]

Andre' de Bruyn

Hi there Our company specializes in the manufacture of mimic panels which include the maufacture and supply of modbus driven 7 Segment displays, Bargraph indicators as well as discrete led drivers etc. If you require more information please E-mail me. Best Regards Andre' de Bruyn [email protected]