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I need advice on manufacturers of mimic panel for monitoring approximately 2000 inputs. The mimic should be modular in nature.
The company by name "Pyrotech" do make and involved in mimic panels.

u can try them.


Madhukar Parikh

You can get Mimic panels of various types. They can be Mossaic type or simple multi colour reverse painted on Acrylic sheet with suitable lamps,PBs or switches depending on size and requirement.

Also these mimics can be connected on a network to increase reliabilty and reduce wiring. Based on your actual requirement these can be manufactured.

You may contact for more details to "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected]

mimic manufacturer

> Please visit our web-site www.cogent.com.tw<

Sorry,they are in Chinese only. If you like to have more information, my number is 886-07-8156698 ext.209.

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Andy Wei