mini-dnc communication w/ AB 8601


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Amanda Bahari

I have a CMS CNC with an Osai AB 8601 board. I always was able to communicate using the osai recommended dos software mini-dnc. A few years ago I had trouble with the communications. I am now in need to get this working and have a loaner board from a friend that was just checked and has good communications. I have 1 dos pc and a win 98 pc that i run under dos. The com ports on both appear to be working (i have a rs232 break out box). I have the suggested cable pin out from osai, as well as two other cables that we have made. I have wiped out the mp2 on the loaner board but have not been able to actually transfer data from the pc to the 8601. we have tried 1200, 4800, and 9600 baud rates. Any thoughts would be appreciated.