miniature plc ckt. for alarm systems


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bibish arvind

dear sir,
I am at the look out of a plc designed alarm system that should be to the best smallest size possible and also equally economical when
compared with a electrical ckt. consisting of an
MCB, a contactor and a ON delay timer.

Please send me the details of the above mentioned
Ckt. and the programs fed to the PLCs.

Thanking you,

Bibish arvind

Dennis Pendleton

I can supply you with a PLC measuring just 5.5cm (l) x 5.5cm (w) x 2.0cm(H)
weight 42g
The specification is
6 inputs with led indicators 12-30v dc NPN
4 Outputs each sink 1A@12-30vdc
4 timers 0.1s to 24.4s
4 counters 1 to 254
1 sequencer with 32 steps
90 program steps (1 contact = 1 step)
Programmable in Ladder logic SW with Simulator
Contact me at [email protected]
dear bibish

possibly i can help u out of this problem. Please elaborate what is ur exact requirements and wht kind of alarms do u want to monitor.