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Joel Goldsney

I have to connect to a customer's Omron SP16 PLC to make a very small prgramming change.

I have managed to locate and install the software and I have the correct cable but when ever I try to run the software I get an error

Runtime error 200 at 3753:0091.

I am trying to run this in a DOS window on Windows ME and I think that this may be part of the problem

Has anyone encountered this and found a workaround?

Any help would be apreciated.

There isn't, nor has there ever been, a software package for the SP10/16/20. They only program with a handheld programmer. As for the error message, you're probably right that the old DOS software isn't going to function under Windows ME. Not much of anything functions under ME. You should consider changing to Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Both are far more stable, and I have personally used many vendors' PLC software under Windows 2000 without errors.
Hello Joel,

Runtime error 200 is a divide-by-zero error in Turbo Pascal. This appears due to a compiler bug when a program is run on CPU's operating at approx. 233 MHz and above.

The only fix I know of is to obtain an update of the program or to recompile, if you have the source.

If you do have the program source I'd be happy to help you recompile.

Good luck,


Friedrich Haase

Moin Joel, moin all,

> Runtime error 200 at 3753:0091.

I have seen this error in old Turbo-Pascal 7 (?) Software years ago. The Pascal run-time package does some stupid calculations to get the CPU speed. The code runs properly only on the slower CPUs of that time. For modern CPUs it will result in a divide by zero error.

There was a patch available anywhere in the WEB. Maybe you still find it. Otherwise try to get a very slow PC, lets say a 386 running at 30 MHz.

Friedrich Haase
Any idea where I can find datasheets for the SP16, and what the specific handheld programmer required is?