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Butler, Lawrence

Hello All,
I am quite interested in getting involved in this project. I have a bit of experience with C and C++, and lot of experience with PLC's (mostly modicon), and NO experience with Linux (have been looking for a good excuse to dip into this...). My question is what would be a reasonable minimum requirement for a PC to run this on ? Is a 486 too slow ? and how much
memory? I don't need anything to specific but just a general idea of what to go begging for as a start....

Lawrence Butler

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Curt Wuollet

As most of the early stuff will be text based and not for production use, a 486 with enough memory will do fine. If you want gnome or kde on your Linux box, you'll want at least 16 mb. I ran a machine with 8mb and a 5x86 133 (AMD clock tripled 486) until just recently. The later distributions have been getting the windoze disease, but, if you can forgo the fancy windowing environments they still work well on a modest box.


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