Here is an amusing story.

An assignment took me to a mid-east refinery. I met a young, aggressive,
site electrical engineer who was anxious to talk about his newly
acquired expertise.

It was the first time that underground conduit had ever been installed
in this country. Direct buried cable was he countries usual installation
technique. So, he proudly announced that they had just completed the
"pulling" of 1000 ft length of 20 kV, 3-phase, lead sheathed cable,
through the conduit, in one length. Of course I congratulated him
because the feat, while not impossible, was certainly very, nay
extremely, difficult.

We walked the route of the underground conduit, and about half way, I
noticed a splice vault, with a cable splice in it. I said "If you pulled
the cable in one length why is there a splice in it?". He replied "Well
the construction plan called for one, so..."

Phil Corso, PE