Mitsubishi A0J2H series PLC versus LG M0J2 PLC.


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We have about 30 PLC modeled with Mitsubishi A0J2.We use GX Developer 6.03D Program(on the XP platform) to manipulate the PLCs.Also we have M0J2 PLCs.We couldnt connect to the M0J2 PLCs using GX .In contrast to that we can connect to the both types of PLCs using Medoc program(provided by Mitsubishi)setting PLC type in the Medoc to A0J2(running on the Win98 platform).But we couldnt get the same result on the GX by doing same thing.Please anybody can say if there is a patch or extra program for GX to connect to the M0J2 type PLCs?
The Moj2 was a Korean "copy" of the Mitsubishi platform... I am surprised that you can connect with GX Developer to the old AOJ2... The AOJs are about 20 years old... This says a lot for Mitsubishi's dwnward compatability... I would try to use the old Medoc software and select a different PLC type and then try to connect... The Koreans also copied the full A-series PLC so try one of those PLC types to connect to your MOJ2...