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Anthony Kerstens

I'm presently converting a Mitsubishi A1S program to AB.
In this program there are several instances of the following internal "system" coils used with descriptors:
M9032 "1.0Sec Clock"
M9033 "2.0Sec Clock"

The question is, although it is obvious what they are, what is the duration of the pulse? Or do they toggle? What?

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Kevin Hammond


These are internal clocks. The 1 second clock (m9032) is off for 0.5 sec, on for 0.5 sec. The 2 second clock (m9033) is off for 1 sec, on for 1 sec.

I'll quote the rest from the MELSEC-A programming manual:

-Not turned on and off per scan but turned on and off even during scan if corresponding time has elapsed.

-Starts with off when power is turned on or reset is performed.

Kevin Hammond

50% duty cycle. i.e. M9032 is on .5 sec then off .5 sec per the user manual IB
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Bill Marsh

Charlie Pritt


M9032 is a 1 second clock which toggles state every 0.5 sec. (off 0.5 sec and on 0.5 sec)
M9033 is a 2 second clock which toggles state every 1 sec.

Hope this helps.

Charlie Pritt
Pickering Associates