Mitsubishi A3N and AJ71C24 S6 Comms


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Shawn Rimmell

I need to know how to communicate with the AJ71C24 module using a RS-422 port no-protocol mode. I will be communicating with a Vision Controller that initiates the communication by sending data. This Vision device sends 11 bytes of data and the Mitsubishi A3N will decode and send the Vision device another 34 bytes of data dependent on PLC I/O. I can't find info on this Mitsubishi card. Has anyone else done something like this, and is willing to share knowledge? Regards Shawn
You should be able to get manuals from your Mitsubishi PLC supplier. I have one here that mention the no-procotol mode and describes the other serial protocol. The manual is Computer Link Module Manual Number: SH (NA) 3511-A. No-Protocol means that you have to write you own driver in the PLC. [email protected]
Hi Shawn,

I believe you are looking for information found at the site. You want the document that deals with the AJ71C24-S8 card, which is more thatn fully documented.