Mitsubishi comms over modems


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A Hull

Just question on Mitsubishi communications
My configuration is an E600 MMI connected to an Q2ASHcpu series PLC on the RS485
My programming terminal (Notebook with GX developer) is connected to the RS232 on the MMI.
To program the PLC transfer via MAC interface is enabled. Every thing works OK, BUT if I download to the MMI its program, it appears to swap the baud rate of the programming terminal to put the MMI into program dowload mode.

My problem is that I wish to program both the PLC and MMI via a modem using the MMI RS232 interface
If I am correct then I cannot do this unless I use a Mitsubishi modem... But here is the sting, no phone line!! The modem is a GSM which I already have.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks