Mitsubishi FX0N-40MR-ES Software?


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Who can send me software to contact the Mitsubishi PLC? I also need the cable to contact the Mitsubishi. Who can tell me what kind of Software I need, or what is the application of the programming cable? Here is a PLC and nobody knows what is running inside.
Programming Cable required is SC-09. You can get it in RS. Software can be Mitsubishi Medoc 230 or GX Developer.

David Barker

The Easiest Software to get would be the DOS based Melsec-Medoc, I have it in zip format if you would like. Since Mitsu. went to a windows based software Medoc is obsolete but it still does the trick. Also the cable you need is an SC09 programming cable, you can get those from Mitsu for about $175.00

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If the cable is similar to a cable used for a FX0, then you can source an RS422 to RS232 converted and make the cable yourself.