Mitsubishi FX2N - RS485 commands


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Jody Gallant CET

Hi, we have an application where a mitsubishi PLC is controlling several video recorders. Currently they are controlled by multiplexing a bank of resistors out the common of the PLC and into the remote port of the VCR. depending on which output is active controls what resistance goes to the remote port, and which VCR gets controlled depends on another set of outputs. The system works really well, and we have 5 systems in operation right now. The new series of recorders has a port for RS-485 communications. If we could use this to control the recorders it would greatly reduce our IO count. Problem is, I have no experience with the new FX2N series (all past projects were with FX2 series) Will the new series allow you to issue commands (ascii) out the RS485 programming/MMI port? If not, can you buy an expansion port to do this? Thanks in advance Jody Gallant CET Shadcomm Ltd.


Yes you can use its RS 485 programming port for ascii output. For this you have to understand the RS 485 pin configuration for 8 pin O type connector and 25 pin D type connector. Using this information you can use same procedure as used for FX1 series programmers. Regards, Shah