Mitsubishi Fx3U/2N Questions and Need Some Help


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I am still learning this PLC stuff, so yeah this is what I got. PLC's I am swapping:
1)On the side FX3U-80MT/ES, On the front 80MT/ES

2)On the side FX2N-80MT-001, On the front (80M) 80MR/MT

I know one is a 3U, and one is a 2N, but was wondering if I can swap the 2N with the 3U I posted above if they will work the same. I am swapping out the 2n with a 3U. I converted the program from the 2N over to the 3U, but I can't get the 3U to talk to the other FX2N we have in the module.

What do I have to change in the program in order for the 3U to communicate with the 2n? A tech from Mitsubishi helped me with it a few years ago, but since it has been a long time I forgot what he had me change in the program to get them to talk to each other.