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Pierre Desrochers

We have a situation where we cannot establish the communication between an A1S CPU (Mitsubishi) and Intellution ver. 2.5

We are trying to acces this PLC trough a C24 serial com. card. We have tested the com link with MelDDE and it works perfectly.

We have tryed to communicate directly to the CPU with an SC09 cable with the same results.

We are usin FIX.MTI driver version 6.10a.

On the card we see an RD LED blink when the com is trying to get establish but we do not get any SD Led... the card is not responding or is not seeing anything...

Is there any knonw issue of problems with this configuration? We have tested all configurable parameter in Fix with same results.

This SCADA work fine with AB PLC but the serial com link with the A1S is not working.

Pierre Desrochers

Clifford Jones


I've worked with the A series before. The C24
card requires both a Station number and a PLC
number. I'm assuming you are using a AJ71C24-R4
module which is multidrop RS422. A AJ71C24-R2
is RS232 and does not require the Station number.

As we have worked on these communications with
the Palm Pilot they did not require the Station
number as we used RS232 on the AJ71C24-R2 module.

Just set the PLC number to 255 which means your
are accessing the local CPU and you should be fine.

Good Luck.

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There is a switch on C24 module. User can adjust the switch to choose the form number of protocol he wants. I wonder if FIX MTI works on the different form from Intouch DDE server. The two most usual forms are "form1" and "form4". The difference between two protocol is form 4 with carrier return at the end of the command while
form 1 without. You can consult the help file of those two drivers and adjust the switch to
the corresponding form number.
Hope this can help

Best regards,

Frederic Chui, Everdation

Otto Cavlovic


I have exactly the same problem with communcation between A1S PLC and Intellution iFIX via C24-R2 module.

If you have managed to get the communication working, pls let me know how.


Otto Cavlovic
[email protected]