Mitsubishi PLC's & ActiveX


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Paul Miller

Ive got the control logic for a program in c++ now I need to get it to operate some I/O. Does anyone know of an (free is poss) ActiveX component that will handle the comms with my PLC, so I can just tell it to SET Y7 for eg. and it will do that. If not, any ideas ? TIA

Mallikarjun Patur

You can use Windows API of Serial Comunications functions and directly operate it using format as specified by RS-232 communication booklet of Mitsubishi or caontact me for further assistance. Else you can use Communication Active control

I have programmed the Mitsubishi PLC in VB using MS Comm Control with RS 232 Manual. If you want code in VC or VB please contact me.
I am trying to write a VB application to communication with a mitsubishi A1SJ71UC24-R2
module and would be most grateful if you could
Email me any working source code you has

Many Thanks

Rizal Indarsyah

Dear sir,

i have been writing program with vb for read data
from Mitsubishi PLC but i don't have guides.
Would you please send me code in vb.

Rizal Indarsyah
[email protected]

Neil du Preez

I want communicate with my Mitsubishi PLC in VC or C. I want to be able to read the status of registers, inputs & otputs and modify them. I am having difficulties making this work. Would you be able to help me with any working source code.
Neil du Preez