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We are sistem integrators and we work with some different software brands. We have detected this curious and annoying problem:

Installing InTouch 9.5 and RSView32 7.10 in a Windows XP SP2 machine crashes the operating system. Same installation on Windows 2000 or Windows XP SP1 works OK.

Rockwell and Wonderware say that they know nothing about this problem.

Has anybody else experienced this problem? Has anybody fond a workaround?

Nathan Boeger

Have you reproduced this problem on multiple machines? Were they on fresh installs of the operating system? Could you please elaborate on "crashes the operating system"?

Nathan Boeger
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Rich TECH411

More probably your problem is caused by
a. comm port allready in use
b. not enough system resources

Rich TECH411
Yes, on several occasions this has happen to me. Also the occurence will happen should have rsview se installed as well.

I would suggest using virtual pc or purchasing an extra harddrive and run another os system on it with just intouch or rsview.

Stéphane Bisson

I install the two application and the windows installer, the paste, moving file... doesn't work. Probably more but I don't have any choice to reinstall windows.

Stéphane Bisson, ing.
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Azeem Shafiq

Same case with me. Copy/Paste/Cut features don't work. Main Window task bar disappears. Excel/Word etc. also don't work. I am left with no option other than to reinstall windows.
I got the same problem windows installer no longer works you cannot copy/paste. My wireless network no longer works, you cannot unistall or install programs. This is the second time I've had to install window and the last time I started with a new install on a reformatted hard drive. I called tech support and i don't expect mush after reading this thread.Does anyone know if its rsview me or rsview 32 or both?

Ray Kuras
Controls engineer
it's true, i have reinstalled windows xp twice because of the same problem. you can't copy/paste/cut, you can't drag items on the desktop, excel & word doesn't work, you can't uninstall stufff, you can't send emails on outlook, i'm sure there is more but this is what I have experienced so far.

Andile Dlamini
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Andrew Jenkins

Can't say whether it's RSView32, but RSView is certainly a serious problem.

I recently installed RSView ME and for the first time in a decade, I find myself grappling with a program that causes my system to become unstable and routinely crash. I have never had to deal with a bigger pile of dog feces than this junk. And to boot, it's a disorganized pig-stye, with documentation that is scattered and incomplete and a dearth of standard development environment features...It's as though they've ported some old windows 3.1 program to XP.

In any case, based on the sloppiness of the program in general, and that my systems have been perfectly stable until now, ie, specifically until after I installed this Rockwell junk, not to menton that one of Rockwell's "technical support team" accidently admitted to me that their managment is aware that there are serious problems with the software, that Rockwell's software is the culprit. (though I'm sure that they'll try to blame it on someone else.)

If I were you I'd demand that they repair their program and provide a no-charge replacement. Otherwise, you'll be doing the same thing that I've seen elsewhere of recent, ie, you'll have to pay for the "upgrade". It's the new get rich scheme amongst the new wave of Middle_Management types that have taken industry by storm during the past decade.
We've had this problem too. Had RSView32 on a machine and tried installing RSView ME, Because, of course, different software is required for EVERY AB hardware platform @#!!&%!. Computer crashed badly. (Couldn't AB add some features to RSView32 to handle the panelviews and versaviews and have a single HMI dev package?)
They now do, it is part of the View Anywhere program and includes the program he is refereing too RSView ME versus RSView 32 which is their OLDER product.

I work for a systems integrator and we have quite a few computers that have RSView and Intouch together. So I suggest you RTFM before ranting like maniacs about "poor" software.

PS My main machine hase RSView ME/SE ver 4.0, RSView 32 Ver 7.2 and Intouch Ver 9.5... all working peacefully together.

BTW, the Windows installer problem is a know MS issue, check the MS knowledgebase.
Yes, it is probably an MS problem. I am using Win 2K and I had installed on many occasion, RSView 7.1 & In-touch 9.5 without any problem. Though I found out that installing RSview ME does have some problem on the VB host scripting, supplied with the OS. Upgrading to a newer version did solve the problem.


Zafe B. Brox

Perhaps you can direct us to which chapter and verse in TFM where this may be located. I too work for a large integrator, and I have found that regardless of MS or the vendor (e.g. Rockwell) there are often extremely frustrating issues. Does it really matter, in the end, if the problem is a perceived issue with the OS or the app. software? I really don't believe that ANY experienced engineer can say that they have not "enjoyed" such moments. Possibly we can be all buy machines that mimic your "main machine" or maybe you will vouchsafe to help us lowly mortals get our systems straightened out.


Expand on your system.............which OS are you running and which service packs. It is well documented (comes witht he software) that there are issues with SP2 for XP and RS products. There are work arounds but that is why all that documentation comes with.

2 other employees and I have run into this same problem (3 times total). After installing RSView32 on WinXP SP2 machines, the entire COM system get disabled somehow. Drag/Drop, Copy/Paste, HTML dialogs, and anything related to COM or OLE all gets disabled. We now use VMWare for all RSView32 projects. So far we have not had any issues while running RSView Studio SE 3.20 or 4.00 with InTouch (any version) installed on the same machine.
The manual with this software is almost as bad as the software itself. It reads as though it was written by someone who doesn't speak English as a first language. Thankfully, Rockwell in the U.K have some fine Tech Support staff who get you round Rockwell 'shortcomings' but on occasion they simply say, "Crashing your P.C. eh? Yeah, it'll do that!"
Delete these two registry keys and reboot: