Mk V 3rd Party using HMI TMOS SCADA


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I would like to know if someone out there is using 3rd party HMI TMOS SCADA. How can I get to create a shortcut for RUNG DISPLAY SCREEN (the small icon wiith the "R" letter) in the task bar.

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From within a TMOS graphic you would use something like this:
ADDMENUITEM 20010201 "GT#3 Rungs" 100 "rungdisplay.exe '@settings_scc3.txt /xpos=13 /ypos=40 /center=true /monitor=0 /unit=3 /user=%user%'" ",1,2,22,23,24,"

I have never tried to setup a shortcut to open the tool from somewhere other than a TMOS graphic, but I am sure it can be done with a little experimentation with a batch file.

You might try asking whatever company you purchased your TMOS system from, and also there is a user forum that was started last year you could post the question to:

Someone out there using TMOS interface can please tell me how do you perform the LVDT calibration? Cause in our site the new tool is missing the "Enable Commands" menu from the old interface <I>, where we had "Verify Current" and "Verify Position" features. How do you do that now without those commands?

Thanks in advance!