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i have attended interview by phone with ge manger. he asked me, before start 9fa unit what you will do in mk vi? really i do not understand the question.

could you please give me the details and answer.

Dear yasser,

Who can say for sure what the GE manager was trying to elicit from your response?

Perhaps he was asking if you look at the Trip Display and the Start-check Display on the HMI to determine if there were any active trips or conditions preventing a READY TO START indication.

Perhaps he was asking if you would check to make sure all of the DIAG LEDs were not illuminated prior to the start?

Perhaps he was asking if you would check to make sure the Toolbox application was indicating 'Equal' with the Mark VI application code?

Without being able to understand the context of the discussion to be able to possibly understand what the interviewer might have been asking, it's impossible to say for sure what answer he was looking for. Most people have encountered a particular problem during some start attempt that could have been averted had someone made some routine checks, and perhaps that's what the interviewer was trying to understand--if you'd ever experienced the same problem he had (unlikely you would have, but who can say for sure?).
Dear yasser,

I have interview in Ge after view days
Can you give me details about interview?


i want to know, which your post you will go, at any way the questions as i remember:

1-what is your role in commissioning team?

2-what will you do in mkvi before start the unit?

3-what is FSR?

please after you finish tell me what you did,and tell me the question he asked to know.