Mk5 IOCFG Editor Opening with Alarm Message

On a Mk5 with the (I) using the old IDOS system. When the page for the IOCFG configuration editor is opened an alarm message appears near the bottom on the screen in red saying "Could not allocate 0 x 3926 bytes of memory" (Esc to abort or hit another key to continue). If I continue it opens the editor as normal.

Also in the auto calibration page if any of the control valve options are selected that page normally will show at the top the LVDT values in each core. For some reason for all valves and IGV the S processor has 0.000v as the 0% and 100% position.

Any help on the cause of both these issues and whether they are connected?

Have tried listing parameters, save and exit from IOCFG editor and EEPROM downloading to cores again with reboot but that made no difference.
Your first problem most probably due to lack of RAM of DOS. You can check it with MEM command. Also, check a physically installed RAM size, check the configuration of autoexec.bat and config.sys. Make sure that no any unnecessary drivers or software do not capture the RAM.

Your second problem will be better to start with analysis of the diagnostic alarms, as it has been advised before.
There are no diagnostic alarms; and the IOCFG alarm doesn't seem to be creating any other problems, but would still like to get to the bottom of why its there.

After entering the Autocal page a few times the issue with voltage readings was a red herring.

Will have a look to see what I can on the RAM memory front.
If there are not any diagnostic alarms related to the LVDT problem on S core then most probably the problem not on Mk5 side.

I can suggest to you to check the integrity of the IDOS system on your <I> computer (also, it can be reflected to your first problem with the IO_CFG start-up), including the folders PROM and UNITx. For example, there is file acalib.dat in the folder UNITx which is responsible for Autocalibrate screen data.
Running out of memory is a very common issue with IDOS due to RAM issues.

Just try to type the command "io_cfg" from Dos Prompt (f:/Unit1) directory and you should be able to get into Io configurator. Please try and let us know if you could succeed