MKV I to HMI Upgrade + Arcnet to Fiber Optics converters - StageLink extension

I am looking into upgrading 2 I to HMI. I would like to know if anyone of you has been involved with a recent upgrade project to see what's the suggested software package configuration in terms of Cimplicity, TCI, Cimbridge, Toolbox to be suggested. At the same time I would like to confirm that the EPROM set that need to be upgraded are the U11,U12.
As well does anyone have experience on a proven technology to adopt to extend the stagelink from one HMI to a second HMI using fiber optics. I am currently exploring 2 options : S.I.TECH#2853 ARCNET to Fiber units and Contemporary Control Systems Mod Hub + expansion card CXS-FOG-ST.
Thank you,