MkVe LM HMI Windows 10 recovery / Backup

During recent endeavor's to backup a newly installed MkVe LM system I ran into trouble with some Sandisk 500Gb SSD's (solid state drive).
The imaging facility that Microsoft provides for windows 10 is inherently the same as what's found within windows 7.
Having come from a MkV LM system that predominantly needs Acronis to manage its backups, the newer MkVe LM system was like going from a Lada to a VW golf Mk3 cabriolet.
My issue came from the Format of the SSD.
The standard default format for the SSD from Sandisk is FAT32, on numerous different occasions I tried to run the backup suite without any luck (numerous fault messages would be generated which pointed to file preparation for the back up and also at the mounted memory).
After a few hours of back and forward with Baker Hughes (suggestions of stopping the simplicity program and possible incompatibilities with siemens Sophos didn't really shed any light on the issue) I figured running a format on the SSD might confirm that the drive was in good overall condition and ready to accept storage data.
The re-format was successful however it then led me to question whether this format would be ideal for the back-up.
Fortunately there are only two selectable formats for the SSD, the other being NTFS, this format worked first time with no issues.
I'm still awaiting clarification from Baker Hughes on whether or not this 100% was definitely the issue..... Feel free to wade in with other clarification.

Thanks for the information Curious_One, much appreciated.
The less I use Acronis the more I start to appreciate it that little bit more.
I might invest in a new Acronis package just to make life that little bit easier.
Thanks for the information on the black box.
Acronis is the best one that I have used out there. However, I am much more a computer geek, so I prefer to get a whole new HMI if the hard drive fails. I don't like re-storing from a backed-up copy, because there are just too many things that can go wrong.

Nonetheless, I would keep a backed up copy of Acronis (or other back up software), but also keep an archived copy of all your important files. i.e. save the .TCW, Cimplicity Screens, license #s, etc on another storage medium. That way if Acronis fails, you can always re-build your HMI if needed.
I agree with you to a degree. A new HMI could get a little expensive for a simple hard drive failure. All of my HMIs are running on imaged hard drives with the original disk stored off site.