Mkvie auto-reconfiguration files equality

Ahmed, I have noted some inconsistencies from the older versions of ToolboxST as they relate to the auto-reconfiguration files. I do not have enough experience with this type of error to have developed a standard procedure for fixing it. I would suggest first that you power cycle power "T" core and give it time to synchronize with the other cores. Then attempt another build and download to see if it is successful. IF this is not successful then I would next try powering down all cores at the same time and then power them back up to see if they will synchronize. Of course doing this with the unit offline, off turning gear, and having prepared all auxiliaries to run when a loss of control occurs with all cores powered down. Hopefully you are successful in getting this error resolved.
Hi Ahmed Zahran

There is no harm in running with Auto Reconfig Unequal, except that when you replace any hardware you need to download them. You could try with a full download during next outage. Most of the time it would help.
Since you have UCSB Controller, check for the latest applicable TILs.
Would recommend consider creating a support ticket with GE