MKVIe Controller Configuration Name Does Not Match


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In TooldBox at G2 component of MKVIe, I did Device > Upload. It gave me the option to keep the current device information, but I clicked no. It saved the uploaded version of G2 as G2_20171111162914 "which is the date and time of the upload".

Now I cannot open the component G2 anymore, and I get the error message "The device name specified in the device configuration file (G2_20171111162914) does not match the name in the system configuration file (G2).

How do I change the name back to G2 or how do I connect to the new component G2_20171111162914.

Thanks for your help in advanced
Do you have a back-up to recover from?

Have you tried changing the name of the file created by the upload? (I don't have a copy of ToolboxST to test this with, but I'm just wondering if it's that easy.)

Why were you uploading?
Weird, the device name in the device.xml file is the renamed backup of the original G2, but the system is trying to open it with the original name, G2. That shouldn't be possible, it means the renamed G2 is in the original G2 folder. Did you move any files manually?

Like CSA said, I'd suggest restoring a backup if you have one, and certainly making another backup before you try what I'm about to suggest to fix it.

You can't modify the device XML files, they are tamper protected. However, you can modify the directory name for the device and the TCW file for the system. So, with ToolboxST closed, rename the G2 folder to G2_20171111162914 and open the TCW file and change the DeviceInfo name="G2" to name="G2_20171111162914". This, of course, assumes there isn't already a G2_20171111162914 device, which would be even weirder. Now you should be able to open G2_20171111162914 and rename it back to G2 if you want.

Also, if you didn't fiddle with files and this happened as a result of a ToolboxST bug, you should submit it from Help->Submit Problem Report.

Hope that helps!