MKVStudio and Ddump-exe Similar Program to view MK 6 on laptop


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Hello Guy's

I would like to know if anyone came across a program to view values and running parameters on GE Speedtronic MK6 Toolbox on personal laptop.

As earlier there is a program like MKVstudio with DDump.exe, to view values and running parameters of GE Speedtronic MKV.

Kindly share the views or provide solution if there is already one.

Yes it is called .............Mark6 Toolbox!!

just install the soft on your laptop (should be of course compatible with the one you actually use in the Mark6 or nearlier version if not you wont be able to read datas) and you will be able to see all mark6 parameters and changing values (your laptop will be used as an "HMI") therefore take care of you IP Addresses in your Laptop and connect it to the LAN

Much easier than Mark5 isn't it?
I didn't mean I must connect to MK 6 and view. I want a program that if I am away and want to know the parameters and CC values when I am away. To view CC values, u have to open the view list and search but in the program is visible besides the variables or constant values..I think u got my point.

By the way thanks for your reply.
Frankly speaking, NO! I don't understand what exactly you want in that case!

But if you want to monitor your turbine when you are away I can only think about connecting you Mark6 through either intranet or internet (same system as for remote control room and remote HMI) but with all the safety concern (viruses and hacking) some other topics are already discussing. but in all case you will need to have toolbox installed on you "receiving" laptop. I don't know any other way to display values from Mark6
Toolbox can be used to open configuration files when <b>not</b> connected to the Mark VI and view the application code (sequencing) and Control Constants and I/O Configuration. It's not necessary to be connected to a Mark VI to use Toolbox to view the configuration files for a particular unit.

Of course, if you're not connected to a Mark VI you won't be able to see live data values, and if you aren't looking at the configuration files that were most recently downloaded to the Mark VI you will not be looking at the most current information.

Installing and using Toolbox on a laptop may require a dongle (a USB protective device intended to prevent piracy and unlicensed use of software). So, it's not so simple to just install Toolbox on a PC. Older versions of Toolbox didn't require a dongle; newer versions do.
Dear Pascal,

In reply,With MKVStudio program running on the laptop away from the turbine,if you have a CSV file created with DDump.exe on any speedtronic MKV unit at any given instance..u can view all that parameters of that machine with unit on load or off the load..and gives a good understanding of the logics and values at that point.

I have MK VI already on my laptop but, if laptop not connected to MK VI I could not view the logic and control constants values instantly. i have to open the view - control constants from the list file.

I hope now the point is clear.

Dear CSA,

Thanks for the advice, so I think there is no such program created or made to work for MK VI. Of course dongles cannot be copied or made a duplicate copy unless Originator of MKVI Ge approves it.

Best Regards
If I recall the story correctly, MKVSTUDIO was written by a GE engineer at his kitchen table at home as he was not satisfied with Dynamic Rung Display. I believe he wasn't paid anything for his efforts, and GE does not support the software, though many GE people use the application.

The Mark VI (and Mark VIe) have the Trend Recorder (sometimes called the Trender) and one can record data with the Trend Recorder to a file for later review using the Trender. (I think there's even a stand-alone version of the Trender so one doesn't have to have the full-blown installtion of Toolbox to view a trend file, but that's also an unsubstantiated rumour.)

Of course, this doesn't allow the data to be used to view the off-line application code states (at least not that I'm aware of; I've never tried nor heard of it being done, but GE sometimes has these little "features" that are undocumented and not widely published or well known though they would be extremely useful).

<b>Many</b> people have bemoaned the absence of a MKVSTUDIO-like application for the Mark VI. As MKVSTUDIO for the Mark V was unofficial, there may be something similar for the Mark VI, but I'm personally unaware of it.

(If you like MKVSTUDIO, I believe if you click on 'Help - About' or something like that on the Toolbar in the application, you can find the author's name and email address. I'm sure he wouldn't mind a thank you or a note of appreciation for his work. It truly is a tremendous work. I had occasion to work on a similar "dynamic rung display" for the Mark V and when I demonstrated MKVSTUDIO to the programmers, they were amazed at the level of sophistication in the product. It is a most useful and helpful tool, and again, I believe the author didn't receive any recognition or compensation for his efforts. So, a nice "shout-out" to him would probably be a good thing!)

Dear Mr.CSA

I am a user of MKVSTUDIO, and am greatly impressed.
I would like to thanks Mr.Christian Florentz who originated it.
I am sure some new programs are already in for MK VI and they will be approved and FSE's will use them making life easier.

Thanks and Best Regards,