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Dear Friends,

Which is the suitable MMI package (in intellution, wonderware, cimplicity, CITECT, etc.) for MODICON range of Unity PLC (with 140 CPU 67160) in hot standby mode with unity pro software? Whether inbuilt drivers for UNITY are available with these packages?

Any advantage in using CITECT who is Schneider's Global Unity Partner? What is the use of Unity FastLinx?

Please help.

Joe George Lewis
Basically, all Scada package is reccommended for you, which is capable to communicate to the Quantum CPU or NOE module. CPU communication requests Modbus serial or Modbus Plus (I suggest second option) If you want to use Modbus TCP/IP, then use NOE Ethernet module in both backplane.

Tested and recommended Scadas:
* Monitor Pro 7.2 SP3 (with built-in native driver or OPC connection)
* InTouch 9.0 (with native MBTCP I/O server license)

But I'm sure there will be other oppinions here listed to you with PCVUE or Citect to.
Good luck.
Well, from the options you provide, yes there's advantages using Citect. But you could have a look to Schneider SCADA too, it's Monitor Pro.
Dear Joe,

if you are in india intellution will be the best choice for you for higher end PLC like this. They should have the required driver.

But why are you insisting on QUANTUM-unity series for PLC?

If you are not a PLC integrator and if you don't have a rough idea about approximate price it may be very difficult to get a reasonable price from schneider-electric INDIA for PLC.

have you checked with SIEMENS & GE-FANUC? They should have HOT STANDBY.

Joe George Lewis

Dear Friends,

Refer Nithin's message.

Now i am confused. As per my information MODICON range of Unity PLC (with 140 CPU 67160) is the best higher end PLC for hot standby configuration.

Regarding price it is true that i have no idea. I am not an integrator or end user.

Here i am following a thumb rule for higher end PLCs with i/o count more than 1000. 50 USD per analog i/o and 30 USD per digital i/o. if the I/Os are distributed the price will 10% higher than this. I don't know this is correct.

pl offer your comments.

Joe George Lewis
Dear Joe,

fastlinx is just a continuous link between the variable database of Citect and that of PLC programming software.

The new Citect version is pretty good it's true color and have integrated a process analyst.

If you're looking a hot standby system. There is also a Mitsubishi solution which is based on their standard Q system.
All MMI can be connected to Modicon PLCs through the Modbus or Modbus over Ethernet link.

I would recommend that you use either Monitor Pro or Vijeo Look form the Schneider catalog for a perfect integration between PLC & HMI database.

You can also use the Citect product with the same feature because there is a FastLink feature that ensure all change in one database to be dinamically sent to the other one.

All the MMI that have agreement with Schneider and that benefit from this feature can be found on