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Darold Woodward

We are in the final stages of developing a UCA 2.0 interface for use in substations. We are aware of only one MMS product, AX-S4 MMS from Sisco, that provides a browser and OPC or DDE connectivity for HMI applications. We would
like to do as much testing as possible to understand potential issues and applications. Does anybody know of any other similar software or drivers?

Darold Woodward PE
SEL Inc.
[email protected]
We are interested in applying an MMS capable browser as a dispatcher/account manager tool for our UCA 2.0 compliant metering. Please advise if you have been successful in your efforts toward commercialization. We also deploy a
significant compliment of SEL products in our facilities.

Please reply to [email protected] or via POTS at 916-353-4479.