MMS Map 3.0 for Siemens S5


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Jan Johnsson

I'm working on a plant with Siemens S5 PLCs. Communication to Scada is of type MMS (MAP 3.0).

We also have a testplant where I need hardware and software to be able to work with the MMS part.

Siemens Sweden has informed that it is not possible to order this equipment any more.

My question is if somebody knows if it is possible to buy the following equipment (New or used):

- MMS module for Siemens S5: 6GK1 147-3MA00
- Software for Siemens S5 MMS (I do´nt know the article number)
In planning for the future, the question might be what are some easy ways to replicate the MMS interface using some newer HMI options. MMS was an initial effort to define a model that could offer interoperability among different manufacturers. In the meantime this vision has become a reality via OPC.

MMS defines the interface in terms of data types understood by the higher level programming environments, that is integers, float, arrays, structures. This interface is defined on the MMS module you seek. The table of information is stored on MMS module and references the data registers in the PLC memory map (data blocks). If you have backed up this variable declaration table, this documentation will allow you to upgrade your HMI interface with relatively little effort. the variable declarations would be entered on your XP workstation with OPC driver installed. You can get the OPC driver from Siemens. The MMS card would be replaced with an Ethernet card CP1430.

Siemens Protool or Siemens WinCC could be used to collect your data to an OPC database.