Mobile Devices will hit the Factory Floor

Hi Jim -- thanks for sharing this presentation. You claim ACP is first to market with a solution that addresses the need of mobile users in a factory. You call out that ACP's relavance software resolves location and delivers relevant content.

I agree this is compelling and a paradigm, however I encourage you to read GE's press release from 3/21/13 here, read more on how GE is driving a new paradigm called real-time operational intelligence which is sparked by plant floor mobility here or take a peak at my most recent blog on how industry has to think about 'true mobile'

would love to engage in a conversation, show you a demo or talk further.

Kyle Reissner
GE Intelligent Platforms
[email protected]
Mobile devices are in demand. Technology rise so fast that innovation of mobile devices resulted to big demand of the consumers.
Mobile tech really useful for servicing, but our plant operators normally destroy 3-4 ipads per 6-8 month processing season. Food industry so any cracked device is a write off due to food safety.