Modbus 32 ti 16 bit converter

I have a Modbus RTU slave, with 32 bit values, but only an old Modbus master, Who is able to real 16 bit. Is it possible to buy/build some sort of protocol converter, e.g. on a Raspberry pi?

So, let's suppose these 32-bit values are Signed/Unsigned Integers. So you have a 32-variable in 2 registers.
Ok, so let the Master read those 2 registers. Then convert those 2 registers into one 32-bit variable (trivial for Unsigned, less trivial for Signed, depending on environment). I suppose Master is some kind of SCADA or something "programmable" because otherwise you have a problem.
Thank you Peter, the master is an old Honeywell system, Who can't handle 32 bit values at all! So I guess you are right, when you say I have a problem! I could, however, handle two 16 bit values, but wouldn't it hard 2 get those 2 values, since the master would have to request one value, and also specify how many words should be in the telegram, and the slave would respons with 2 words, instead of one! Or have I misunderstod something?
Depends on the master's capabilities. Even an old master could be able to read 2 (or more) registers in one request. Standard Modbus functions (read input/holding registers) have 2 parameters - starting address and number of registers.
Ahh, great! I learned something New. I haven't been working with Modbus for more than a week, so excuse me for My newbie questions. I have a plan for what I will try next week, thanks for your help so far