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Cristian Rodriguez S.

I am looking for some code or software for connecting an application in VC++ that generate 15 different outputs ( Integer values each one) with a PLC, and this PLC use MODBUS communication protocol. My original idea is create a code for communication but I need some person to orient me. If is possible for your help I appreciate this. Thanks for your help in this issue Atte. Cristian Rodriguez Silva. Fono Fax: (56)-(52)-246198 Celular: (56)-(9)-6995930 Casilla #592, Copiapo - Chile. E-mail: [email protected]

Konrad Heidrich

hi christian, if you use modbus/tcp you are able to find some example codes on the schneider homepage ( i never looked at it but i'm sure you can extract also a modbus message out of the code. also you will find the modbus specification on the schneider homepage. that helps you to convert the messages in the right format without having the source code. if you don't find the files, feel free and mail me and i send you both. best regards, konrad [email protected]
hi christian, Do you mean you want to connect your PC to PLC and your VC+ runs in PC?If so,I suggest ypu can use Siemens S7-226 PLC. You can use port 0 of S&-226 to connect your PC serial port through an RS-232C/RS-485 adaptor. And Port 1 can be used as Modbus master or slave. Modbus program examples are available from Siemens free of charge. Regards Kamath RL