Modbus Comm between Totalflow XFC and Prosoft PLX31


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I am trying to read registers from a slave device, Prosoft PLX31(Modbus TCPIP to Modbus serial gateway) into a Totalflow XFC (Master) via serial RS 485 (2 wire).

I am facing some issues starting with

1. I am trying to read a bunch of floating points. For example, registers 400007, 400009 and 400011 are communicating but every once in a while, get over written by some arbitrary value.

2. Certain other floating points don't communicate. For example, registers 400013 and 400015 stay 0 but I know their actual value isn't 0.

I have tried offsetting and various combinations while trying to read them one at a time but no success.

Does anyone have experience in setting up Totalflows as Modbus master? What could cause issues such as above? - Distance, cable type?
For Modbus Register 40007 ask for 2 registers starting at 6
For Modbus Register 40009 ask for 2 registers starting at 8
For Modbus register 40011 ask for 2 registers starting at 10

and so on....