Modbus Comm. for micromotion transmitter


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I'm trying to read/write the values of the Micromotion transmitter 1700 via Modbus RTU protocol by Siemens S7 314 with CP341-1(RS485). Up to now, I can read/write the values of input/holding register type with function code
3,4,6,16. But I can not read/write the values of floating point register pairs. It always alarmed "illegal data address". Would someone like to tell me how to make the program read/write the float point value of transmiter 1700? And is there any parameters should be set to
the transmitter before writing values to it?
hello, I recommend that you read the manual Using Modbus Protocol with Micromotion Transmitter, see Chapter 13 Configuration, page 116 has examples of using these registries.
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hola, te recomiedo que leas el manual Using Modbus Protocol with Micromotion Transmitter, capitulo 13 Configuration, en la pagina 116 trae ejemplos de como usar estos registros. el manual lo puedes bajar del sitio de fabricante del equipo.