Modbus comms between GE 90/30 and Allen Bradley SLC 5/03


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Guy Andrus

I need to exchange data between a GE 90/30 and an Allen Bradley SLC 5/03. Has anyone ever done this? Any suggestions?
For the SLC, you want to get the 3015-MCM module from Prosoft, which can act as Modbus master or slave. Dont even think about doing Modbus out the serial port in user mode, the Prosoft card is just so slick. In contrast, I think the 90/30's can talk Modbus out their programming port (without extensive user computation of checksums, etc.), and I think Horner electric has a Modbus card for the 90/30 as well. (Slave mode only, I think, so the Prosoft card would have to be the master.)

Another option if you don't absolutely have to have Modbus is Profibus DP (or if you absolutely must, DeviceNet). Cards are available for both SLC's and 90/30's for both these networks and would provide massively better throughput than Modbus (particularly Profibus).

Suheil Samara

For GE FANUC 90-30 you can get both master or slave Modbus using either the Horner modules or PCM, CMM GE FANUC modules.

Horner Electric modules part numbers:
For master: HE693RTM705 OR HE697RTM700
For slave: HE693RTU900 OR HE693RTU940

Jerry Miille

You can use a MARC Omnii-Comm to do this. It can talk directly to the SLC using DF-1 protocol and to the 90/30 using SNP protocol. Contact me off list if you need additional information.

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Jerry Miille