Modbus Communication between EATON Power Meter and Accuenergy Data Acquisition Server

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I am using an Accuenergy Data Acquisition Server ( to log data from a number of power meters. Each of the power meters communicates with the Accuenergy via Modbus RTU. I am having trouble getting the Accuenergy to poll data from an EATON IQ100 meter. A snapshot of the Modus Map for the EATON Meter is below. Theses are the three parameters that I am trying to poll.

I am new to Modbus (I'm an electrician) and I think I might be setting up the Modbus template wrong. In setting up the template the Acculink logger. The UI requires the following:

For Function, I select "Read_Holding REGISTERS" As I believe the power meter Modbus map uses Holding Registers only. I then enter 0383 as the starting address and in "Count", I enter 6. The UI then asks for the following:

To read "Watts, 3-Ph total" i enter the address 0383 and in multiplier the number 1. Does this seem correct so far? Unfortunately I can'f seem to make it work... I have also attached the full modbus map for the EATON meter in case I am missing somethig.


Hi , It is a Modbus RTU connection (RS485) between the power meter and the Accuenergy data acquisition server. I think maybe my holding register assumption might be incorrect. Would it be worth trying 40383 or 400383 for the address? Rather than entering 0383 .
Hi the Accuenergy UI asks for the following parameters when setting up the Modbus RTU device. I have set the parameters as follows:


Port: RS485

Modbus ID: 2

Baud Rate:

Data Bit: 8

Parity: None

Stop Bit: One

Request Timeout: 500ms
Did you have setted correctly the Eaton METER per OEM manual page 45/46..
Also did you perform Tel net communication via PC to check if all is ok ...

See also software interface of the Eaton device and check if all is ok as per instructions

I can share a manual if you do not have it yet..

Any time!

I have not changed the default settings in the meter, They are as follows:

As I am connecting via Modbus RTU I don;t think there is anyhting that needs to be changed in the meter? The telnet is only for setting up modbus TCP...Please correct me if I am wrong. I have an RS485 three wire connection as shown on page 41 of the manual between the meter and the Accuenergy device.


> Would it be worth trying 40383 or 400383 for the address? Rather than entering 0383 ?

Answer: No. The numeral 4 which indicates Holding Registers is only ever used with one-based decimal addressing, never with zero-based hexadecimal addressing. Your master specifically asks for hexadecimal addressing and your value 0383 is the zero-based hex value corresponding the one-based decimal 900 register.
Try to create and view alarm form Acculink user interface may know better on why you stuck...

Also thx for replying to my last QUESTIONS on RS 232 CAN YOU CONFIRM..

Any time!
Hi All,

I needed some time to play with this. Sorry for the late response. There are no issues with serial link. As I suspected this is an addressing issue in the Acculink. I have made some progress and have been able to read some data from the meter. To poll "Watts, 3-Ph total" I enter the starting address as 9FC3. This was some advice given on another forum.

At least now I can seem to communicate with the Acculink.
Did you look at the tab called "12 BITS rtu READING SECTION" ..

Looks like you were trying to read at the wrong place...

For me RTU reading would be on that section ...

Can you developp on that 9FC3 is is kind of calculation you did or a value that you got from somewhere...