Modbus Communication between Floboss 107 & DeltaV Serial Card


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Need help interfacing FloBoss 107 with DeltaV Version 8.4.1

I have a floboss 107 which I need to interface with my DeltaV DCS. I have an analog out from the floboss going to an analog in in my DeltaV giving me the flow rate. From the faceplate in deltaV I am dropping my setpoint into a Modbus holding register, which I want to communicate to my Floboss via 232 protocol. so the floboss can then control the flow and backflow valves at my regen compressor to achieve the flow setpoint through my regen heater, my dehydration beds, and my regen gas cooler.
You have to first decide the physical link, RS232 or RS485 you want to use. Then it is a FB107 Modbus Configuration issue using RocLink 800.

All communications ports in the FB107 are bilingual, they can be used for Roc Protocol or Modbus via configuration.

Contact me at [email protected], I have 6-7 years experience with the FB107 and over 20 years experience with ROC products.