Modbus Communication between GE PLC E05 and Control Logix PLC


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I am currently working on a project in which the target is to communicate the GE PLC E05 with Allen Bradley ControlLogix over Modbus Serial 485 which means all DIs, DOs, AIs and AOs programmed in Proficy Machine Edition should also be able to read by ControlLogix PLC
++My strategy that how to implement:
1. Using IC200CMM020 (Serial Communication Module)

My nightmares:
1. Programming need for initiating Communication?
2. Cable Pinouts configuration for linking both the devices?
3. How to check that Communication is proper?

Please HELP...............
Hi Sami90,

For AB Controllogix side, I recommend you yo use MVI56E-MCM from Prosoft Technology, please check link below:

within above link you will find ready to use program sample that your can implement into your RSLogix program with minimum change.

Other option, you may want to check AN-X2-GENI EthernetIP to GE Genius Gateway: