Modbus communication between Omron and Modicon


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Sandra Vazquez

I can't find the pin outs required for the Modbus communication wire between RS232 port OMRON SC121 (Protocol Card) and Modicon CPU113-02 PLC. Can some one help? Thanks.
Here is the Quantum CPU RS232 Pinout:

Pin1 - Shield
Pin2 - RX
Pin3 - TX
Pin4 - DTR
Pin5 - GND
Pin6 - DSR
Pin7 - RTS
Pin8 - CTS
Pin9 - n.c.

Ask your Omron dealer for their pinout and decide then how to connect.

Do you need to control the data flow by DTR/DTS signals or simple serial connection required? Good luck!
01. Pin No. PC Side Controller Side
1 1
2 3
3 2
5 7 , 5
6 6
7, 5 5
9 9

Any other detail required by you, please write the control net site.