Modbus Communication from S7 400 to PSCA GE Module


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Dear all,

I have upgraded my system from S7 315-2 DP processor to S7 414-4H. I have a Modbus connection to DCS GE serial module IS220PSCAH1A. The data is going across to DCS, but there is an error on DCS side which says bad quality data. The module LED "ATTN" blinks red. The Modbus blocks have no errors. Block used are FB1733, 1734.
yuck, Modbus issues are always problematic. Was the S7 315-2 DP working before? And now with the new Processor it does not? If all the data says "bad quality", how do you know any data is going across to the DCS. Can you tell me what alarms you have on the IS220PSCAH1A? You will need to open up GE's ToolboxST to look into this.

Filimone, Just realized this was a post from a long time ago, so I hope you resolved this.