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Mohamed Sakr

Hello, Group

Does any one have an idea about the conversion from MODBUS protocol to Profibus.

My application is Water Treatment Plant, we have AB SLC 5/05 processor with SSTech Profibus Card, I need to connect a generator to control unit
which have a modbus interface only.

My question is , is there a some kind of hardware to convert the Modbus interface in the generator to profibus interface and connect it to SLC 5/05 processors


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Try X-link from SST, which has been made for such a purpose. It is expensive though. It's a PC in a box that has mapping software as it's not a simple conversion.

We've installed automationX systems with the primary purpose of integrating multiple communications. From there we've gone on to control the entire facility.

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Marco Illuminati

SSTech (or rather SST) also makes a product called XLink which can do several protocol conversions...among them, modbus to profibus.

Marco Illuminati

ProLinx makes a Profibus to Modbus gateway. Check them out at, they are a Schneider Alliance partner, so they
worked with Modicon to make this device. They sell bridges to convert most industrial protocols to others.


Jacques Berube

You could probably use a Schneider Momentum I/O base ADM 540 80 with a Profibus communication Top Hat.

This I/O base has a RS 485 Modbus port on the I/O base.
Using some programmation it can be used to interface your field equipment.

In order for it to work, your device needs to talk at either 9600 or 19200 bauds.
Also, it has to be totally supported via the modbus requests 03 and 16, respectively read and write multiple holding registers ( 4x registers).

Jacques Berube
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At software level we can offer you DataWorX32 that acts as OPC bridge to various OPC servers. So need to have AB OPC server, Modbus OPC server and DataWorX32 will link these together. You can read / write and apply expressions within DataWorX32. Also you can connect further clients to DataWorX32. Let me know if you need more information.


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Darold Woodward

The simplest thing to do may be to put a Modbus master card in the PLC. I think that Prosoft makes one you could use. Then you can collect the data with the PLC and forward it to the HMI over Profibus.

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