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i am confused about Modbus discrete input.

i found an example online. HMI is Client, PLC is server. To read the "motor servo-on status" by HMI.

it use function code 02 which refer to:
"The client reads the status of the discrete inputs of the server."

isn't it "servo-on status" an "OUTPUT" of the PLC?

Please help
A PLC Discrete Output is called a "Coil" and a coil is set with Function Code 5. The current status of the COIL is read with a Function Code 1.

Function Code 2 reads the Status of a Discrete Input as you mention.
Just to follow up a bit, a discrete Input is normally a physical ON/OFF input to the PLC via an input card. Function Code 2 will read a single bit (ON/OFF) signal to the PLC, e.g. "servo-on status."

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Don't get confused with words Discrete "Inputs". DI is used to read only servo-on/off status, whereas it can't modify the servo-on/off status.

In MODBUS client is Master and server is Slave. where Master is requesting DI status which is tied to servo motor from slave.