Modbus Integration


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I want to integrate my Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) with my DCS System over Modbus.

I want to pick data over serial Modbus and convert it into Optical fiber through Media Convertor. At the destination node, I want the data in TCP protocol. Hence, want to install Optical Fiber to Ethernet media converter and then pick Data in DCS over Modbus TCP Protocol.

Please comment if any one comes around with such experience.
It's my impression the FO-to-ethernet conversion is quite commonplace.

If you use a Modbus RTU (serial)-to-Modbus/TCP converter at the RTU end, then it's Ethernet packets all the way from there to the DCS.

I'd recommend a converter that specifically handle Modbus, as opposed to a generic RS-485-to-Ethernet conversion.

Google: Modbus RTU to Modbus/TCP